Interested in Pre-K...


    All families who are interested in attending a Pre-K program must complete our screening process.  To schedule a screening, please call 618-733-3355.


  • We are now accepting screening appointments for the 2023-2024 school year!  Upcoming screening dates are listed below.

    Please call 618-733-3355 to schedule a screening appointment for your child!


    Screening Dates

    November 3rd 

    January 19th 

    March 4th-7th 



  • The following documents are required for ALL students and MUST be turned in prior to your child being enrolled.

    1. Certified Birth Certificate
      • MUST be the official birth certificate that is issued by the court house (not the hospital copy with footprints)
    2. Physical and Immunizations
    3. Proof of Income for BOTH parents (any of the following)
      • Tax return (most recent)  
      • Wages and tax statement (most recent W-2)
      • Pay stubs (two most recent, consecutive) 
      • Proof of public benefit
    4.  Proof of Residency (any of the following)
      • Driver’s license/state ID
      • Real estate tax bill
      • Signed lease
      • Mortgage or payment book
      • Military housing letter
      • Credit card statement
      • Paycheck stub  
      • Gas or electric bill
      • Water/sewer bill
      • Phone or cable bill
      • Public aid or medicaid card 


  • Once you have completed your child's screening, you will be notified of your child's enrollment status via letter.

    Please allow up to 30 days to be contacted regarding your child's enrollment after the initial screening.

    Kathy Keel- Early Childhood Special Education

    Jaci Crain- Preschool For All (Pre-K) 

    Family Support Specialists
    Sonja Cully

    Callie James

    Sarah Harriss


Early Childhood Special Education

  • WCES is committed to providing appropriate services to children with special needs aged 3-5 that focus on development across all domains, including social, adaptive, cognitive, communication, fine and gross motor.  

    ECSE Programs:  Teachers in ECSE programs work closely with PreSchool For All and HeadStart in Williamson County.  ECSE programs are housed in most schools that offer a PreK Program, models include itinerant, blended, and self-contained classrooms.  Many of the support services identified in a child's IEP are provided within the classroom in order to facilitate interactions, as well as design environments and activities that invite communication, social interaction, and cognitive and motor exploration. 

    Public Act 102-0209 Section 11h allows children to continue early intervention (EI) services until the beginning of the next school year if:

    • Children receive early intervention prior to their third birthday,

    • They qualify for early childhood special education services and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed, and

    • Parents/guardians elect to remain in EI. 

    If all criteria are met, parents/guardians have the option to have their children remain in EI until the beginning of the next school year or move to early childhood special education (ECSE) services through the school district. It is important to note that children enrolled in EI and turning 3 will still need to have an evaluation, if warranted, and have an IEP developed, if qualified, prior to the third birthday. Families that elect ECSE services will not be able to have their children return to EI services once the ECSE services have ended.