School Psychology Services

As districts implement the Response to Intervention (RtI) process, school psychologists are taking on an active role as collaborators with general education staff to assist in data collection, progress monitoring, and universal screening.

They provide staff with information regarding literacy, behavioral, social, and other academic issues. They assist the districts in identifying students at risk, collaborating with teams to meet student needs, and assisting in the process of determining when a special education referral is appropriate.

School psychologists also provide additional services to students, families, and staff throughout Williamson County Special Education District. Of the many services they provide, a school psychologist is integral in assisting in the determination a student's need for special education services.

If appropriate, school psychologists are responsible for the psychological evaluation as well as a review of academic history, current functioning, educational evaluation of learning processes and achievement, and assesment of the learning environment. As a member of the eligibility determination team, this information is used in determining a student's need for specialized services.