Early Childhood Program

Williamson County Special Education District is committed to providing appropriate services to children with special needs aged 3-5 that focus on development across all domains, including social, adaptive, cognitive, communication, fine and gross motor.

For children with special needs, these are critical skills and a focus of instruction in ECSE classrooms. Teachers in ECSE classrooms coach and facilitate these interactions, as well as design environments and activities that invite communication, social interaction, and cognitive and motor exploration.

When eligible, and depending on their age and disabilities, children may receive any or all of the following services: family consultation and home visits, inclusive learning groups, inclusive preschool classes, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized Autism Team supports and consultation, as well as services in community Pre-K programs and Head Start classrooms.

For additional information about the Early Childhood programs, contact Kathy Keel, Coordinator at 618-993-2138 or kathy.keel@wces.co.